Observe what’s happening on the production line

Use advanced machine learning to give your team continuous data and analysis of workstation productivity.

Gain Full Traceability

Understanding the root cause of a problem is hard in the best of times - what would you be able to achieve if you could see every part, every screw, and every action for every product?

  • Rapid root cause analysis by reviewing footage for a specific part, or across thousands of parts automatically
  • Full process audit logs show aggregate differences between shifts, generations, and defect clusters
  • Review problematic steps or instructions with comprehensive video footage

Know Where Your Time Goes

Provide workers a detailed understanding of value-add time, non-value-add time, and task deviation. Automatically identify opportunities to improve standard work, and have a clear and accurate estimation of the benefit to the organization, all without disrupting the line

  • Identify high variance steps in your processes
  • Gain highly accurate non-value-add quantification to drive waste reduction efforts
  • Quickly extract best practices and share them across the organization

Never Pass a Defect

Everyone makes mistakes, but no one wants to. Help each technician succeed by utilizing CONTUI's real-time, full-process poka-yoke tool for any process, giving them immediate feedback on missed steps or possible defect-causing actions. This saves critical time and eliminates both known and novel process-based quality defects.

  • Easily configured process alarms to guard important process steps
  • "Fast-start mode" automatically generates monitors for common sources of defects
  • Integrate with at-workbench feedback tools to guide technician operation

Accelerate Your Lean

Lean is driven by collecting high quality data, evaluating and understanding the root causes behind each form of waste. CONTUI provides unparalleled insight into the waste that's actually occurring by exposing deep quantified analysis of the process that's really occurring, rather than what the database or standard work shows.

  • Drive lean with highly accurate data
  • Measure improvements and establish ROIs for changes
  • Clearly communicate opportunity cost and prioritization of waste reduction