See how customers are using CONTUI to increase quality and improve efficiency


As a mature provider of aerospace components, we've been developing and producing our products for over 50 years. Over that time, we've developed rigorous checks to maintain quality and performance at the levels our customers expect.

With increased product sophistication, however, we've started facing increasing challenges around defects slipping through our quality checks. We realized we needed a new way to think about quality to tackle the increasing complexity and mixed-model nature of our assembly lines.

We started a "Zero Defect" initiative and began utilizing CONTUI to solve a key question: have all of the screws been properly added to the product?

While counting screws may seem simple, missing one can be a very costly mistake — and an increasingly challenging proposition for each technician as the product mix changes the number of screws from part to part. CONTUI helps our technicians by automatically tracking the assembly process, identifying the location of every screw added, and making sure we don't have a single screw loose.


In our over 40 years of assembling fireplaces for both residential and commercial customers, we have grown to produce over 2,000 units per week across dozens of product lines. What was once a small shop is now a major employer in the Pacific Northwest with a hangar-sized facility, and we want to ensure that great jobs stay in the region.

Today, in our massively scaled factory, we would be challenged to create an accurate representation of the labor costs per unit. This increases uncertainty around pricing and capacity, and impairs our continued ability to scale the company.

We started using CONTUI across our facility to determine exactly where the biggest sources of non-value-add time are. We're learning our true line capacity and are dramatically reducing the amount of NVA time for each part. Additionally, we finally have a clear view into exactly how much labor goes into each unit and have adjusted our prices to suit.